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Plastic Casings

• Food grade plastic casings are mainly used for puddings, cooked meat products and cheese

• Large range of diameters and material formats available to suit customer’s needs, i.e. monolayer, multilayer, range of colours, high barrier, with meat adhesion, suitable for cook & ship, moulded products, slicing.

• Printed casings converts sales from packaging commodities to value added lines

• Curved variants are available for some lines

• Some lines will need soaking before use

• Made to exacting quality and hygiene standards


  • Emulsion-like sausages and cold cuts: liverwurst, luncheon meat, mortadella, ham, sirloin
  • Ready-made products: brawn, black pudding, aspic
  • Products with high water content: soups, sauces
  • Processed cheese: unripened cheese mass


  • Preserving the aroma and freshness of products in the packaging
  • Long shelf life of the products (up to 180 days)
  • High flexibility and mechanical strength
  • Maintaining the constant weight of the product over the entire shelf life
  • High barrier properties against water vapour
  • Great mechanical strength
  • Good adhesion to meat stuffing
  • UV barrier properties
  • Diameter stability

Available Colours

  • All Colours available per our colour catalogue

FPT Offer

  • The casing is available in lay flat widths from 45mm to 390mm, Ringed Casings also Available
  • The casing can be supplied on reels, shirred or cut pieces
  • The casing may be clipped, looped, drilled or pre-struck
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