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Fibrous Casings

Fibrous casing is a cellulose-based casing strengthened with natural long fibered abaca paper. Due to its strength and dimensional stability fibrous casing is traditionally seen as one of the most versatile and comprehensive packaging materials.


  • Ham and bacon joints, which are subsequently cut into portions and vacuum packed with the casing left on
  • Cooked ham and meat products
  • Fermented salamis
  • Cooked salamis
  • Pepperoni for pizza topping
  • Smoked Meats


  • Used to make cooked, semi-dry and dry sausage, and smoked cheese
  • It is sufficiently permeable to allow moisture and smoke through
  • The casing sold is of the easy peel variety so it can easily be removed after cooking
  • Made to exacting quality and hygiene standards
  • Improved Yields

Available Colours

  • We offer the standard clear colour; other colours are available on request

FPT Offer

  • The casing is available in lay flat widths from 45mm to 390mm
  • The casing can be supplied on reels, shirred or cut pieces
  • The casing may be clipped, looped, drilled or pre-struck
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