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Collagen Casings


  • A viable alternative to hog casings, Edible collagen casing can be used for fresh sausage production.

FPT Offer

  • An edible straight protein casing made of high-quality collagen from beef hides
  • Made to exacting quality and hygiene standards
  • A full range available for all types and sizes of fresh, fermented, and cooked sausage
  • All strands may be supplied with PAL or Frank-A-Matic closed-ends
  • Packed in a controlled atmosphere package and can be used straight from the pack
  • Coloured variants are available for some edible collagen casings e.g. black
  • Some edible collagen casings will need soaking before use
  • Full traceability available on all products
  • Traditional Consistent tender bite on all products
  • Excellent cooking performance
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