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Cellulose Casings (Skinless Casings)

Cellulose casings are used for the processing of all kinds of frankfurters, hot dogs, beer sausages, mini-salami’s and similar skinless sausages. With Wienie-Pak, we seek to provide you with the most efficient cellulose casing on the market.


  • Hot Dogs
  • Skinless Sausages
  • Mini Salami’s


  • Cost savings due to casing elasticity
  • More elastic casing allows a greater stuffing diameter
  • Shorter drying time
  • Shorter smoking time
  • Higher yield

Available Colours

  • Clear, clear with stripes, tinted colours and tinted colours with stripes
  • The casing can also be printed by one color with customer logos or in line with customer specific requirements to achieve a more attractive nal product. One or both sides can be printed.

Many Options

  • Calibre 13 -38 available
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