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When packing meat with bones into a shrink bag or vacuum bag, some bones can pierce through the bag leading to high leaker rates and more customer complaints.

FPT Boneguard/Bonecover can be used to significantly reduce your leaker rate.

FPT Boneguard/Bonecover can be applied to the meat at ease, before it is packed, into a shrink or vacuum bag. This protective cover will help you reduce not only your leaker rate but also customer complaints.

FPT Boneguard/Bonecover can be ordered in rolls, perforated rolls, sheets, various widths and lengths and can be tailored to your specific needs.

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  • A cotton or polyester material impregnated with a food grade wax
  • Used to cover meat bone and prevent piercing of the vacuum or shrink bag
  • Reduce leaker rates and reduce overall packaging costs


  • Bone in fresh meat e.g. beef, racks of ribs, etc
  • Legs of lamb, racks, saddles
  • Pork loins, ribs, legs
  • Poultry, turkey crowns, bone in pieces
  • Gammons on the bone
  • Smoked meats with hard surfaces

FPT Offer

  • Supplied on rolls (300 feet in length)
  • Widths: 6 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch
  • Non-perforated
  • Perforated to pre-determined lengths from 6 inches to 36 inches
  • Pre-cut sheets to customers specification
  • Smoked meats with hard surfaces
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